You are on your trip of a lifetime and you have just landed your dream fish ... a trophy to be mounted - to preserve the memories of this moment. What to do? Do you kill this fine trophy, or let it swim off and forget mounting your catch of a lifetime? Now you can do both, free the valiant warrior and still have it mounted to be displayed proudly on your wall. Welcome to the world of Acrylic reproductions, taxidermy that will allow you to practice catch and release but still keep your trophy for your wall.

Butterfly Peacock Bass

Speckled Peacock Bass
Our methods were developed over the years by experimenting with various products for capturing all the details available on the specimen to make it more lifelike. By using a special process, we capture the natural detail in the mouth, ridges, teeth markings, and any other detailed item. All trophies are indivually cast using hand lay-up casting methods to insure that the details are precise. Acrylic fibers are saturated with resins, similar to the same methods used in fishing rods and boats. Most anglers are not aware that fish trophies have to be restored or repainted in order to appear lifelike and natural. Since there are no color or background on the reproduction the artist must know the species and or specimen to really be able to apply the correct colors to make it lifelike. This is why we would like to have a good color photograph of your trophy catch, so we can duplicate the natural colors as close as possible. If you don't have a color photograph don't worry, just tell us when and where you caught the fish and we will look in our database and come up with the normal color pattern for your species of fish for your area during that time of year.
You have probablity seen some poorly done reproductions, but then again you have also seen poorly done traditional skin mounts. Please remember that a fish does have changes that happen when it dies, however, we have found and it has been proved to be a fact, with modern technology, most changes can be restored. In this way, even the best can't tell the difference, and this has been proven with sports writers and anglers at numerous Sport Shows.

Linesider (Snook)

Silver King (Tarpon)
Maybe you caught your trophy years ago before you could afford to have it mounted, well now is your chance, to have that trophy mounted for you. Dig in your photo album, pull out that photograph of your dream fish. Hopefully you remember or wrote down the length and girth. If not, you surely remember the fish's weight, using the following formula (Length Squared X Girth / 1200 = Weight) you can come up with approximate measurements. You will have to guess at either the length or girth to make this formula work. Send us the photograph and the measurement and within no more than 120 days your trophy will be on your wall where you always wanted it to be. Or maybe you just want a mounted fish for some other reason, just tell us what species and how big and we can produce a lifelike replica just for you.

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