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Sam's Peacock Bass Guide Service

So you decided to hire a guide:

Sam has 7 years of experience guiding and catching Butterfly Peacock Bass. While on the water you will have his full attention, he believes in taking his clients to where the fish are the day of your trip and then showing you, his client what it takes to put the fish in the boat. He is not out there to catch the fish for you, or to use your time and hard earned money so he can join into the fun. He is out there giving his all (plus some), so that you can enjoy the thrill of having a Butterfly try to rip your arms out of their sockets! At the present time he can only accept trips that can be booked on a weekend. The only exception to this rule, is for any booking of five (5) or more days. He is sorry that he can not book your weekday trip at the present time.

Rates include the following services: Rates do not include the following:
All fishing tackle and live bait. Fishing License.
Cold non-alcoholic drinks. Food or snacks.
Photos of you trophy. Airfare or other travel costs.
A chance at a World Record Butterfly Peacock Bass. Lodging.
Lots of good fishing and fun. Other personal expenses.
Rates are for up to two people.
A full day is 8 hours of on the water time.
A half day is 4 hours of on the water time.

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Sportsmen from anywhere in the United States and Canada now can purchase Florida hunting and fishing licenses with a credit card by calling a toll-free telephone number.

To purchase hunting, freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses and permits call 1-888-HUNT-FLORIDA (486-8356) or 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356). All sport licenses and permits except lifetime licenses are available through this service.

Agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the service costs $3.95 per transaction, plus the state's fee for licenses and permits.


12-Month Freshwater Fishing.............................$31.50
7-Day Continuous Freshwater Fishing..............$16.50

For additional information send an E-mail to:

Gene Gunderson

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